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Title: A New Day Has Come | FF.net | A03
Author: Innitmarvelous ( 2cbetter2 )
Fandom: MCU
Pairings/Characters: Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, James Rhodes/Rhodey, Original character(s)
Summary: Tony has a quiet talk with his son a few hours after he's born.
Rating: G
Word count: 1217
Author's note: This is the first story in my Greatest Reward AU Pepperony series. Tony and Pepper married on New Year's Eve 2012, seven months after the Battle of New Year and their son is born the following October 2.
Disclaimer: I don't own any familar characters and nothing has been made off of this.

Please sue me NOT!
20 May 2016 @ 10:38 pm
title:Things To Remember
author: monicawoe
word-count: ~2,600
characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers
genre:gen, PG-13
warnings: mentions of violence
story summary: Bucky's apartment in Bucharest, what he remembers while he's there, and what he wishes he could forget.

On AO3 | On LJ
Title: You Who Have Crossed the Distances
Author: azephirin / abi z.
Fandom: MCU
Pairings: [clears throat] Bucky/Steve, Bucky/Natasha, Bucky/T'Challa, Bucky/Wanda, Bucky/Helen Cho, Bucky/Sam
Summary: Sleeping, dreaming, waking.
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~2,100
Author's note: Set at some point after Captain America: Civil War, with commensurate spoilers.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Title and cut text from "Birds Appearing in a Dream," by Michael Collier.

( you who have made bright things from shadows,
you who have crossed the distances to roost in me
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13 May 2016 @ 02:31 am
Hi, I'm a Marvel fan that's a soon to be birthday girl seeking Bucky x Wanda shippers and have some wall requests from the new Captain America movie. Interested?
Title: We Leave our Homes in Flames
Author: taste_is_sweet
Disclaimer: Marvel owns it all!
Marvel Media: Daredevil (Netflix) and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015 Movie)
Spoilers: None
Characters: Claire Temple; Illya Kuryakin
Rating: Teen (For language and a small amount of gore)
Word count: 3796
Content Warning: None

Sergeant Barnes was the only viable Winter Soldier. But he's not the only one Hydra screwed with.

(Claire's seen a tube like that before. Probably everyone in the entire country has by now. The 'special issue' of Time Magazine that came out in December is still on the table in the break room. Its cover looks like it was painted in the 1940s, and its title is The Crucible of Bucky Barnes.

She didn't read it, but she looked at the pictures. She knows damn well what this green cylinder is for.)

Written for intoabar. The prompt was Illya Kuryakin meets...Claire Temple

Here on AO3.

Part Two of the Soldiers of Fire and Shadows series.
Title: If it Wasn't for Hate (We'd be Dead by Now)
Author: taste_is_sweet
Disclaimer: Marvel owns it all!
Marvel Media: Captain America: Civil War
Pairing/Characters: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers; Helmut Zemo
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 2010

Spoilers!Collapse )
Author's Notes:
MAJOR spoilers for Captain America: Civil War. If you haven't seen the movie yet and don't want spoilers, please do not read this story. Thank you. :)

Here on AO3
10 May 2016 @ 10:17 pm
Title: every city was a gift
Pairings: Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: approx. 16,000
Summary: SHIELD’s greatest urban legend is that when Natasha Romanoff later declares, “Agent Barton was sent to kill me; he made a different call”, she means that on that day, he chose to spare her, chose to bring her in instead. But what actually happens is something much stranger and much wilder, something that ends up spanning several years and countless cities and, here and there, a drink or a meal or a quiet smile exchanged on the rooftop of a building in Brooklyn.
He lets her go.
This is what follows.
Warnings: n/a

( It’s going to be many weeks after the incident in Kiev before the cast comes off Clint’s arm and he’s back in business again. )
Title: A Sea-Journey on the Highway
Author: azephirin / abi z.
Fandom: MCU
Pairing: Bucky/OFC, Bucky/Steve, Sam/Steve
Summary: in my dreams you walk dripping from a sea-journey on the highway across America in tears to the door of my cottage in the Western night
Rating: NC-17 for sex and violence (not together) and some generally disturbing content
Word count: ~19,500
Author's note: Set very shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Few if any spoilers for Age of Ultron. There's a line taken from the Civil War trailer, but blink and you'll miss it. No other Civil War spoilers.

( we wake up electrified out of the coma by our own souls' airplanes roaring over the roof )
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01 May 2016 @ 11:29 am

marvel_bang marvel_bang marvel_bang

We’re officially live! If you want to sign up for this year’s marvel_bang, head over to our LJ and check out the rules. You’ll find links to the Google sign-up forms there. You do not need a LiveJournal account to sign up, so don’t worry if you don’t have one and don’t want one! We’ll work with you.

Check out the rules for each of the sign-up categories: author/author team, accompanying fanworker/artist, beta/cheerleader, tandem author/artist, or solo fanworker.

We look forward to having you!
04 April 2016 @ 04:10 pm
I am an emotional nightmare (1280 words) by crookedspoon
Fandom: Deadpool (2016)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ellie Phimister/Christina | Angel Dust
Characters: Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Additional Tags: Teen Crush, Femslash Big Bang Monthly Challenge, Community: comment_fic

Negasonic has a crush and it's driving her nuts.