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Marvel Comics Fanfiction

Marvel Comics Fanfic
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This is a fanfic/fanart community that centers around the Marvel Comic universe. Any comic, any pairing, any rating, any length. Movie or television-based fics are also welcome, as is discussion!


Just a few rules so that the community can be a fun place for everyone:

1. Please use the following header when posting fanfic/fanart:

    Disclaimer: Marvel owns it all!
    Spoilers: (if applicable)
    Wordcount: (if you choose)
    Author's Notes: (if applicable)

2. The subject title should read: Fic: Fic Title (Pairing, Rating) OR Art: Art Title (Pairing, Rating) so there is no confusion and everyone reads only what they should be reading.

3. If your fic/art is rated M, MA, R or NC-17 you must label it accordingly.

4. When posting fics longer than 100 words and all fanart, please use an lj cut. All M, MA, R or NC-17 related material must be behind an lj-cut, regardless of length.

5. Any Marvel-universe fanfic or fanart is accepted. This includes het, femslash, threesomes, moresomes, gen, kink, etc. Please be sure to label any fics that contain spoilers for future or the most-current issue/episode/film.

6. No flaming. Flamers will not be tolerated. No spam. Spammers will not be tolerated.

7. The tags in this community are by comic, as well as by rating. The ratings are the same as those at fanfiction.net, though if you rate yours by the MPAA guidelines that's fine too. The two guidelines are as follows ...

    MPAA vs. FF.net
    Rated G = Rated K
    Rated PG = Rated K+
    Rated PG13 = Rated T
    Rated R = Rated M
    Rated NC17 = Rated MA

8. Advertising. You may post to promote a new comm, challenge, recathon, etc., as long as it is Marvel fic related.

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